Sunday, May 16, 2010

A love poem for my Savior in the Most Blessed Sacrament

You shine down upon me,
a light in the darkness.
I gaze into your face,
you know my heart.
Every day I fall more in love,
every day you teach me how.
Draw close, my love,
you are with me when the world
leads me astray.
You come before me,
I gaze into your beauty,
then drop down, unworthy.
You pick me up,
my body trembles.
One touch and I feel
the warmth of your embrace.
Pour out your graces
into my heart,
pour into me your love
that shines forth.
Help me then to pour it out,
shine your love on those
who dwell in darkness.
The only greater joy
than to be loved
is to love.
There is no greater love
than you, my savior.
You are Love.