Thursday, April 21, 2011

Real Presence!

Holy Thursday Mass is my second favorite of the year, after Easter Vigil. The Mass of the Lord’s Supper celebrates the institution of the Eucharist, the greatest gift ever given to mankind. In the Eucharist, we are able to receive Jesus Christ, body, blood, soul and divinity, into our human bodies.

Stop. Stop and seriously think about that for a minute.

"What wonderful majesty! What stupendous condescension! O sublime humility! That the Lord of the whole universe, God and the Son of God, should humble Himself like this under the form of a little bread, for our salvation"

-Saint Francis of Assisi

I can still remember the first time Jesus came to me in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I never knew what true freedom was until that beautiful encounter. Never can I go back; His Presence is all-consuming, and brings a joy unfathomable unless experienced.

Let's give thanks for this wonderful gift and pray that it is bestowed on every person in this world!!

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