Thursday, April 21, 2011

When One You Love is Distant

Have you ever had somebody you love distance themselves from you? Maybe it was your child. Maybe it was your husband or wife, maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe it was a close friend. Maybe it was someone else for whom you cared deeply.

How did it feel? Were you hurt? Confused? Did you want to fix it? What would you have given to just be near them again?

Take a moment and reflect on this.

…Seriously, do it. Then keep reading…

Stretch your arms out for an embrace and see them turn their back. You show them the perfect sign of love, and they reject it. You are confused and hurt. Now tie yourself to a pillar and allow them to beat you incessantly. Place a crown of thorns on your head and allow that person to nail you to a cross. Can't imagine such a thing? You're right; it's unfathomable. Praise God somebody already did that for us.

The agony inflicted upon Jesus when we turn from him is a million fold worse than any pain of separation we could ever endure. Whenever you feel yourself getting distant from Him, imagine the pain you felt when someone you loved distanced themselves from you. Imagine that pain, and then consider how much more painful it is for Christ. Then embrace Him. He showed you the perfect sign of love. Accept it! Nothing can make him more joyful than receiving your love daily!

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