Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Scars are too Painful?

America is scarred by the actions perpetrated by an evil man,

but let us not forget that those scars are borne by another.

He not only bears those scars, but the scars of every evil

that has ever been and ever will be perpetrated.

The pain of those scars in unbearable to any

other man - no soul could survive them but His.

There are scars on his back,

on his hands,

his feet.

Our own sin draws the precious blood

that drips from the crown upon his head.

Yet He still loves me,

who drove the nails into his hands and feet;


who crowned him with a crown of misery.

He. still. loves. us.

Refusing to love our enemies is a complete rejection of everything for which He stands.

Will we follow His example, or will we stand pridefully before Him and claim that OUR scars were too painful to love?